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Global Exchange Program

One of the key products of Leadership Development Association is an international exchange program and membership opportunity of organization. The program is not oriented on academic education. It is oriented on non-formal education. Exchange participant will have an internship in different fields of work (depends on project). The length of project also depends on the organizing entity. Standard time of project is 1 - 3 months.


Accommodation during the project will be provided by hosting entity . Student who wants to participate in exchange program, should contact an entity in his/her country. The representative of LDA international in this country will arrange meeting and go through all the necessary process (business case, personal interview, etc.) with exchange participant candidate. In case candidate passes this selection steps and sign contract with the organization, sending entity will start searching projects worldwide for exchange participant and will send him/her on selected project. Candidates for exchange programs from countries where are no representatives of LDA International yet, will be managed by main managing team of LDA International as their sending entity.


As mentioned above, after finishing exchange program, all participants have an opportunity to become members of sending representative of Leadership Development Association international. Members of Leadership Development Association will be working on different projects provided by the organization. Main part of membership process is that, every member will have an opportunity to promote exchange program of LDA international, work on selecting exchange participant  from candidates who has applied for exchange program and afterwards work on finding projects for selected participants. In doing so, members of organization will get an experience in customer service, selling, marketing, develop their communication skills and expand their international connections.

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